Awase Fish Market

Living on a small island definitely has it perks, one of these is fresh seafood and lots of it! After exploring the Nakagusuku Castle Ruins which left both girls tired, as evident by the snoring which started before we had even left the car park, we continued on our drive in the hopes of finding the Awase Fish Market.



It took a little bit to find, which seems to be the norm here, but once found, it was a total gem.

preparing fish for a customer

preparing fish for a customer

Small yet oozing with atmosphere and a lot going on; from a tiny fruit & veggie market on the outside; while we didn’t buy anything from here, the prices were a lot more reasonable than those we are used to and the produce oh so fresh, to the fish market on the inside. Ice boxes of fresh fish are scattered over the place, as well as dried and frozen fish. Watching the men prepare the fish (they will clean and prepare your chosen fish however you want) for customers was really interesting, gruesome at times, but entertaining nonetheless.

fresh fish!

fresh fish!

As you continue walking around you will head into the restaurant area, despite it being too late for lunch and too early for dinner, we couldn’t help but order something, a plate of complete deliciousness to share, which contained sashimi, white rice, tempura and fish soup. It was the perfect amount and something for everyone. Matt sampled a bit of everything while Eden devoured the sashimi; possibly her favorite dish here in Okinawa. Clio, who seems to eat like a fully grown man, quite possibly would have polished the whole set off, instead she ate a fair share of rice, fish from the soup and some tempura. I dove into the tempura, although, not quite as adventurous with seafood as Matt, I let him eat the octopus one.

the set which we demolished

the set which we demolished

Thinking we were done we headed for the car, however, we stopped in our tracks when we came across someone making (and naturally selling) tempura. We couldn’t help but to purchase a brown paper bag full of the seafood & vegetable combo and head to the port to indulge while watching some local kids fishing. We didn’t eat dinner that night!

Awase Fish Market is a must do, even if you don’t eat fish. Its entertaining just walking around, of course you could buy some fresh fruit or veggie or even a slushy, however if you love seafood, this place will not disappoint.



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