Botanical Gardens, Picnics and Beaches

Sunday Funday was the theme in our house this past weekend and Okinawa put on a glorious day for it.

We started our day off at the small but beautiful Southeast Botanical Gardens where our first port of call was to hunt out a place to have lunch; sushi which we bought on the way. Thankfully, it didn’t take long, the gardens have lots of tables dotted around the place all well sheltered from the blazing heat and set amongst beautiful scenery. We snagged one right on the edge of a pond, with lots of dead lilies floating on it!

Southeast Botanical Gardens

Southeast Botanical Gardens

After lunch we started to wander around before an employee stopped us and said to follow her to the monkeys. Matt & Eden got to go inside the cage to see the tiny monkeys as well as the largest rodent on earth, which, according to google is called a capybara Clio watched from the safety of the stroller but was really taken with the teeny tiny monkeys.

Eden climbing up one of the hidden little paths

Eden climbing up one of the hidden little paths

As we continued our way around we stumbled across a herd of cows, ok, so they weren’t real cows but sculptures, painted white and I think vandalised. It was random, but we have come to expect that living in Okinawa, I hope to write a post about these random things sometime, before they become normal to us and we forget about the Okinawan quirks.

Cows in the middle of the Botanical Gardens

Cows in the middle of the Botanical Gardens

The gardens are well maintained, beautiful and have lots of little paths, stairs to climb, ponds where you can feed fish and even do some fishing!

One of the many hidden treasures

One of the many hidden treasures

We eventually found shelter inside the gift shop/café and enjoyed some ice-cream; Matt tried brown sugar flavor which really tasted like brown sugar – unless you like eating sugar by the spoonful, it wasn’t that pleasant! Eden loved her scoop of mandarin while Clio & I shared a scoop of banana.

SEBG Araha-3

As we headed back to the car, commenting how small the gardens were, we realized there were two parts and we had only explored the first. Tired, hot and already on our way out we figured we would save the second gardens for another day.

A rare photo of the 4 of us

A rare photo of the 4 of us

Sunday Funday didn’t stop there, feeling energized after our naps we packed up dinner; delicious prawn on cous cous with a mango & avocado salsa with a side of pasta salad, using cake tins as it appears we own no Tupperware, and headed to Araha Beach. Sadly we arrived just a few minutes too late to see the sun setting but we still enjoyed our picnic dinner and Eden was in her element.

Dinner at Araha Beach

Dinner at Araha Beach

Clio was unsure of the sand but that didn’t stop her eating a fair bit of it.

Araha Beach 1

We haven’t really made the most of the glorious beaches Okinawa has to offer, this we need to change, we all love the beach, Araha beach is minutes from our house so we don’t even need to drive far, its free/cheap entertainment which is also a bonus and lastly, who knows where we are going to end up next; there is every possibility it wont be near a coastline at all.

Araha Beach 2

Sunday was a good day, hope it was for you all too 🙂


3 responses to “Botanical Gardens, Picnics and Beaches

  1. Enjoyed the pics as always. Clio is cheap to feed on your outings. Just give her a little sand, probably makes for some interesting diapers.

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